Virtual Credit Cards: The Future is Now

by Admin | July 29, 2021
Virtual Credit Cards: The Future is Now

Virtual Credit Cards: The Future is Now

Find out all the questions about how to obtain a virtual credit card and enjoy the safety and security that this option offers.

Times have changed and services have also changed. Today, the search for efficiency in the performance of human tasks and the ways in which we communicate have completely transformed our habits.

In the past, to make a purchase it was necessary to go to the store where the product was to be found, search for it and pay to obtain it. Today, almost any item is just a few clicks away on specialized applications for cell phones and tablets or digital platforms.

There are estimates that indicate a great growth in online shopping in US and it is projected to continue to increase, and credit and debit cards are the most common form of online payment. However, during this time there have been security attacks on online credit cards.


Along with this growth, users have become increasingly cautious about their online credit card data and the security it can offer them. Most companies that sell products or services through platforms or applications charge through cards, although there are some that accept cash payments.

While a code called CVV was developed in the industry that can be on the front or back of physical cards, which guarantees that the card and the user are in possession of the card, it is not entirely foolproof, as fraud and impersonation still persist.

For this reason, some banks offer a very secure and convenient solution with many more benefits: Users can create a virtual credit card that helps them with their online and real-world purchases. You are probably wondering what it is and how to get a virtual credit card.

How to get a virtual credit card?

A virtual credit card exists only in the digital world, meaning there is no way to physically see it. They were created as a countermeasure to prevent fraud or identity theft as they become simulations of a real card helping to hide the user's reference data and account. Over time, other uses have been developed for the benefit of customers using this method of payment.


Virtual cards capture all the advantages of digital transactions and bring them together in a single product, since for now we have only talked about online purchases, but their use can be extended to other banking transactions such as deposits and can even leave the virtual world and make purchases without physically showing the plastic.

A digital card is presented as an extension and alternative use of a physical one, as it is created from a plastic you have regardless of whether it is a debit or credit card. Unlike the card that is in your purse or wallet, it has a different number and expiration date than your physical card, however, it respects the characteristics of balances and credit lines.

In some cases, the safest ones, it is possible to manage your virtual cards with a cell phone application.

With the cell phone applications that manage virtual cards, you can activate them, deactivate them, limit the available credit or debit, make one-time operations, make payments with your phone in physical stores and without taking out the plastic (ask for the phone models that can do it) and of course create it.


How to create a virtual credit card?

As for the benefits they offer, the section on how to create a virtual credit card always depends on the bank, the infrastructure and the technology associated with this service.

If you are wondering the process of how to get a virtual credit card, you must first enter a platform or download the trusted mobile application and follow the steps to do so. You select your physical card of which you want to make a virtual copy, then a temporary code is created for the operations, it is validated with the CVV and the validity of the process is selected.

Some mobile applications can even offer you the possibility of programming cash withdrawals with a transaction code that is entered at the ATMs for greater user security when visiting the ATMs.

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