Digital Bank Account

by Admin | August 4, 2021
Digital Bank Account

Online Banking

Live more relaxed and save time using your digital bank account. Learn how it simplifies your procedures and how easy it is to use.

Nowadays, having a digital bank account is very helpful to carry out procedures, make online payments, obtain benefits and control personal finances through the use of technology and innovation offered by financial institutions.
Online banking as your best ally

Do you remember how long it used to take you to do your paperwork? Digital banking seeks to provide you with the same services offered by a branch office, but available for you to do them in the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you have a secure Internet connection, in an easy and simple way.


The idea is that you can access your digital bank account remotely, through any device, whether it is your computer, tablet or cell phone, and with a few clicks you can log in at the time of your choice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is Online Banking for?

Digital banking is for everyone and is right at your grasp, your online bank allows you to make transfers, check your balance, review your latest transactions and access your digital account statement, you can also invest or apply for a loan online.

In addition, with the support of apps you can manage your cards, with the possibility of defining how much you want to spend and it is even possible to activate and deactivate them quickly as needed.

Along with the above, the security measures of a bank protect you when taking advantage of your digital bank account, you just need to use it properly.


Order the payment of your Services

With digital banking you can easily direct debit the payment of your services or even set up sections that give you peace of mind when making those payments each month.
Knowing what electronic banking is for, you should consider the option of activating alerts that warn you a few days before it is time to pay your services or any other commitment you may have.

Digital banking is a strategic partner that allows you to do something that is key in personal finances: organize your expenses. If you plan when to pay, then you can keep up with your obligations and have a good financial health.
Pay third parties instantly and without using cash.

Each and every one of the operations you perform with your digital bank account, you will be executing them on a reliable platform, with the highest standards to protect your information and your money.


Among the various security measures of an online bank through an app are data encryption, access to the platform through passwords or double authentication, authorization of transfers using a mobile token, https certificate and algorithms that are capable of automatically detecting suspicious activity in your account.

In this way, you will be able to make transfers to accounts of the same bank, interbank or even through the CoDi system, securely and whenever you require it, receiving confirmation notifications when they are made.

Now you know, having a digital bank account allows you to save time, organize your finances and live with greater peace of mind, all of which will allow you to better control and manage your money, and thus have the opportunity to start saving to help you achieve your financial goals in the future.

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